Garden Design - How to Plan Your Garden and Make a Garden Project?

Garden Design – How to Plan Your Garden and Make a Garden Project?

What’s better than having a gorgeous, magnificent garden on your property? A beautiful garden, made with excellent garden design on the North Shore, can provide you with a piece of paradise you can escape to whenever you want. 

Plenty of planning and maintenance goes into having a delightful lush garden. 

Where do you start? In this article, you can read all about:

  • What You Should Think About Before Starting Your Garden. 
  • Helpful Tips Regarding Your Garden’s Design And Maintenance. 
  • The Step-By-Step Approach To A Successful Garden Project.

What To Consider Before You Start Your Garden Project

Before you even start your project, there are a few things that you should think about and research relevant to garden design on the North Shore. Thinking about these things will help you better prepare yourself for the work ahead:

The Types Of Plants That Do Well In Your Area. Unfortunately, not all plants do well in every climate. Do some research to find plants that can thrive in your environment so you know the basic types of flowers and plants you can choose for your garden. 

If you’re interested in plants that can offer your area special properties, such as bee-friendly flowers that help your local bee population, you can also look into those now. 

In addition, don’t just think about flowers; consider trees and bushes as well. Magnificent trees can do so much for your scenery and atmosphere.

The Size Of Your Yard. Think about properly utilising your space, how much of your property’s exterior you want to use for your garden and so on. Too much in a small yard can look strange and cluttered, but too little in a big yard can look too sparse. 

Your Entire Budget. Creating a new garden costs money! Be sure you have a basic idea of how much your garden will cost and how much you’re willing to spend on it. 

Future Maintenance. Garden design on the North Shore isn’t just about designing a gorgeous garden and leaving it; you’ll also need to maintain it in the future to keep it beautiful. Look into local garden maintenance services to know whom you can work with. 

What Landscaper You Will Work With. If you want the absolute best results possible, always seek to work with a smart local landscaper who has plenty of experience and talent. A professional will make the process a lot smoother, and they’ll certainly help you make the best choices for your space.

The Steps To Take As You Plan Your Dream Garden

Are you ready to delve into the world of garden design on the North Shore? Consider these steps as you create your perfect garden:

1. Analyse Your Space And Come Up With A Base Plan. Look at your space and create a plan in your head. What type of garden do you want? What about hard and soft landscaping? Are there any specific features you want for your space?

2. Choose A Landscaper To Work With. Before you actually start any work, always choose a local landscaper to help you. They can assist you with making the right choices the first time. 

3. Collaborate With Your Landscaper To Come Up With And Sketch A Plan. With your landscaper’s expert help, create a plan for your garden and sketch a basic design. They’ll have all the experience and knowledge needed to create a unique, gorgeous design that fits your space perfectly.

Your landscaper will certainly help you by providing expert services and professional advice, so be sure to listen to what they have to say. For example, any good landscaper will tell you to avoid slippery materials for your paths and walkways.  Avoid materials that could become dangerously slippery when it rains.

4. Plan For What You Want And What You Need. Garden design on the North Shore involves a lot of work and materials. Think about the supplies and work that needs to be done according to your garden’s plan.

5. Set Your Budget With The Help Of Your Landscaper. Make sure you set a reasonable budget and stick with it. If you’re having trouble staying within your budget, you should consult your professional landscaper, who will help point you in the direction of affordable yet still high-quality materials. 

6. Commence Actual Work. Once planning is done, it’s time for work to start! Now is the time to put in the actual work to get your garden and landscaping perfect. 

7. Ensure Your Garden Is Maintained. After your garden is finished, don’t forget about maintenance. Your greenery will need to receive proper care to stay healthy and lush. 

What You Can Do To Start Your Garden Project In New Zealand

Are you ready to make your garden dreams come true? Speak to us at Shorescape! Our professional team has helped plenty of New Zealanders create gorgeous gardens that look unbelievably beautiful. We encourage you to come and see our North Shore garden design service.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 021 403 343 if you have any questions or if you’re ready to start planning your project now. 

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