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As part of our landscaping services at Shorescape, we can build a retaining wall to keep your garden tidy. If you have hilly, undulating, or steep land on your property, garden walls are an excellent solution for transforming your terrain and helping improve the flow of stormwater and rainwater.

Garden walls keep hills and mounds of earth in place. While the walls in your home take pressure vertically, retaining walls take on horizontal pressure.

Often, retaining walls go hand in hand with landscaping and gardening. Their structure helps create focal points in the landscape. They also help make sloping land more attractive and usable, making it more interesting visually and improving its functionality.

Retaining walls on the North Shore

Gone are the days where you only ever see boring embankments; in the world of gardening, the possibilities for an eye-catching garden wall are endless. Here at Shorescape, we offer a multitude of options to make your garden wall perfect for your home and your needs.

We can install concrete blocks, gabion baskets, rock bulwarks, or stone or wood terraces to optimize the space on your land. Your budget – and the amount of earth you need to hold – will also be essential factors when we help you determine what kind of garden wall you want.

In general, you won’t need to get a building consent for walls less than a metre and a half high, especially if it is only going to bear your garden and not a driveway or building. 

At Shorescape, we ensure that the walls we provide both hold soil back and let water out. Drainage is essential for garden retaining walls. Not only can too much water be harmful to your plants (causing root rot), it can also compromise the wall’s structural integrity.

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Retaining Wall

Why you might want your garden to have a retaining wall

There are many reasons why people choose to build garden walls – it’s certainly not only about making a steep space usable.

You might have a relatively flat space that an embankment could make more dynamic. They help define and support garden beds and provide easy seating options in your garden.

Our specialty at Shorescape is garden walls. We can install gorgeous garden walls that delineate the features in your garden from the rest of the landscape. They not only highlight and emphasize elements that you want to show off in your backyard, but they also hold visual interest in themselves.

You may also desire a seating wall in your garden. Seating walls are perfect for anyone who loves having guests over and making the most of their outdoor space. They are great for making extra space in addition to your outdoor dining set. A popular way to arrange seating walls is in a semicircle around an outdoor fire.

Talk to us if you’re interested in how we can help bring flair to your outdoor space.

Engineering retaining walls

Soil weighs more than a ton per cubic metre, which means your retaining wall will need to be well-reinforced if it is to do its job to the highest standard. Our landscaping experts at Shorescape know how to complete projects to comply with the necessary building practices while making your embankment look perfect.

Gravity walls

Gravity retaining walls rely on their own weight to stand up and hold the earth in place. Pavers or rocks make great materials for gravity walls. Due to their limited strength, they can only safely stand at around a metre in height.

Anchored walls

The strongest type of embankment, anchored walls stay in place with pins at the top and/or bottom, with an anchor wrapped around the wall. They are excellent at keeping loose soil in place.

Piling walls

Piling walls use posts that are stuck in the ground to stabilize the garden wall. They need to be quite strong to be able to resist the pressure of the earth.

Cantilever walls

The most common method of building a retaining wall, a cantilever wall is connected to a foundation, allowing it to hold back a large amount of soil. By attaching the cantilever wall to a slab foundation, it gets stabilized against sliding and overturning.

Getting you the retaining wall North Shore that you want

Whether or not you have a hilly property, a wall can add interesting and visually appealing dynamics to your garden. You might want one to elevate parts of your garden and add interesting terraced layers. Retaining walls also work superbly for anyone who loves to have guests round for outdoor dinner parties and barbecues.

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