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Garden Design – How to Design a Small Garden

A garden can be many things. It could be a special area where you go to escape from your problems for a few hours, or it could be a place that provides you and your family with delicious home-grown vegetables and tasty fresh herbs. It doesn’t matter why you want a lovely garden for your New Zealand property; you’ll still need to understand crucial parts of the garden design if you want your North Shore garden to be as wonderful as possible.

It’s not enough to just plant the plants you want in the area you have; you must also understand what plants do best in your climate, how you should arrange these plants and how you’ll need to maintain them once your garden is complete. So, it’ll help if you read through the useful tips in this article before you begin work on your new garden.

Helpful Tips You Should Think About When Designing Your Garden

Rushing into your garden work can result in unhealthy plants and awkwardly-arranged flowers, so it’s always better to plan ahead. Always make sure you have the right ideas and layout before you do any physical work.

What should you think about when you create your beautiful new oasis? Consider the following:

Start With A Basic Layout Design. Start your North Shore garden’s design by imagining a basic layout. Where do you want your plants? How much room do you have? Do you want flowers, vegetables or a mix of both? How about trees or shrubs? Come up with basic ideas for what you want. Remember, you can always change these plans later. Having something to work with can help you make cohesive decisions.

Research What Plants Are Good For Your Area. Not all plants do well in every part of the world. Therefore, unfortunately, you may not be able to have every single type of plant that you want. Look for plants that can grow correctly in your area to ensure they can grow healthy and strong.

Additionally, be sure you understand the care requirements for your chosen plants. Some plants are very low-maintenance and only require watering every now and again. Still, others are much more high-maintenance. Don’t plant flowers or vegetables that you won’t be able to care for.

Or, you could smartly work with local gardening services to ensure your garden is maintained without you having to lift a finger.

Add Flowers Or Flowering Plants. Do you want to add some vibrant natural colour to your North Shore garden’s design? Add gorgeous flowers or flowering plants to your garden and make your space look heavenly. Think about your personal favourite colours and about which colours go well together.

Would you like to do an amazing thing for the environment? Then think about bee-friendly flowers that encourage local bees to visit. Bees are vital to fruit and flower production, and you can do your part to help the world by adding some elegant bee-friendly plants to your property.

Add Garden Art Or Decor. Garden decor, statues and art can really personalise your garden. Garden art adds a fantastical element to any space, and you can get creative with your choices. Garden decor comes in all different sizes, shapes and moods, so choose something that fits your style. All kinds of gorgeous art can be incorporated into your North Shore garden’s design.

Consider Vegetables, Fruits Or Herbs. Food simply tastes more delicious when you grow it yourself. Think about adding vegetables or herbs to your garden. If you have space, you can even think about fruit trees.

This way, your garden won’t just be beautiful; it’ll also provide you with tasty produce.

Think About Cosy Garden Furniture. If your garden has the space, you can add comfortable garden furniture to give you a place to relax and enjoy the serene sounds of nature. Even a simple pair of chairs and a small garden table can give you a place to enjoy your favourite book, hang out with a loved one or sit and meditate.

Consult A Professional. This is probably the most essential advice you’ll get when thinking about garden design on the North Shore – consult a professional! An expert landscaper and garden designer will have the skills and experience needed to hear what you want and create a space that’s absolutely right for you.

An amazing thing about skilful professional landscapers is that they can hear your wishes and translate them into something beautiful and practical. 

Whom To Call For Fantastic Garden And Landscape Design Help

At Shorescape, we aim to help New Zealand properties stay lusciously green and undeniably beautiful. We provide various services to keep your garden and greenery healthy and magnificent.

We want to help you make a garden that you’ll genuinely love. We will listen to your wishes and work with you to design a wonderfully unique garden, regardless of its size. Are you interested? Call us at 021 403343, or go to our website to learn more.

Create and maintain your dream garden – call Shorescape.

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